Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm in LOVE!!

.....with a blog!! For the last 24 hrs (minus my beauty sleep! heaven knows I need more) I have been eating this blog up! Which blog is it you ask?? Let me tell you.... beach house in the city. It's AMAZING! She has awesome DIY's and her style for home decor is fabulous.  

You should see the transformations her and her hubby have done to their house. I want her to come make mine over. It's so open and light and her color pallets are to die for. You must go over and check out Natalie's blog. FYI this is all my own opinion. She has no idea who I am and I haven't been in contact with her either. So to give you a little teaser of her blog, here are a few pics...enjoy!

Who wouldn't want to say this is their master bedroom
       I absolutely LOVE the white floors in her kitchen!!

Check out how she made these beauties. I'm now on a hunt for fun bottles to do this with.