Wednesday, July 14, 2010

about me and a little about you!!

So Shannon over at is doing a fun little get to know me/you. So I thought why not I need something to blog about since its been almost a century (ok i know not quiet that long) since I've posted something. So here we go and if your feeling friendly please share yours with me too!!

a little about me and a little about you!

well what I should be making is a mother load of stuff for an upcoming boutique
Cooking : hmm......something out of a box??
Drinking : H2O

Reading:  The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

Wanting: to go see ECLIPSE again (Im in lurv with Edward)

my cute little munchkins bed head hair dos (makes me laugh every morning)
Barbies with Kadence
Wasting: (I'm on the same page as Shannon on this one)
Time drooling over all the projects i have no time to make
Sewing: a really cute belt for the boutique.. I'll do a post about when I'm done

Wishing: I could hire someone to do my laundry and clean my house (I think I'm caught up and I turn the corner and the kiddos have another disaster to clean up and have a new outfit on) LoVE EM!!

Enjoying: that Kalon may be ready for a nap already

Waiting: to get the energy to go grocery shopping
Liking: all our new landscaping projects

where to find the secret money tree
Loving: the cute "my little ponies" picture Kadence just colored for me

Hoping: that I can get all my projects done by the 31st!! (yes I know that's 2 weeks but I have A LOT to do)
Marvelling: at how quickly time has flown by
Needing: to get off the computer to get stuff done but that would be the smart thing to do

Smelling:  the mix of a stinky dog and a not so pleasant diaper "/

Wearing: embarrassing to say but the same thing I had on yesterday (it was one of those days last night)

stalking  my favorite blogs..can't get my chores done until I see what they have to say
Noticing: that my pantry looks like Old Mother Hubbard's
Knowing: that it takes a lot a patience but it can be done 

that it's time to get ready for the day so I can accomplish something before the hubs gets home Bookmarking: the tutorials for some projects I'd like to attempt
Opening: a new box of Kleenex.. ah-choo
Giggling: about how big of a nerd I am
Feeling: Excited!! I have a lot of cute ideas to show you :)